Sunday, January 24, 2016

2015-2-16 Panini Hoops Trading Cards

I'm not a fan of this year's Hoops cards from Panini.  It just seems like they phoned it in.  They aren't bad cards but they also don't say "wow" when you open a pack.  The fronts are fine with good photography.  I like the team logos and I pulled plenty of rookie cards.  Not a ton of stars though.  And I'm getting tired of the foil on the cards.  I don't think it is needed nor is the huge Hoops logo.  I'm good with the products logo being on the front but it doesn't have to be so big.  Again I'm not sure how much thought was put into this year's set. I've only picked up a few packs and not sure if I'll grab anymore.  Hard not to though since this is the cheaper of the basketball cards that will be out there.  We'll see.  Maybe I'll feel better with a fresh look.  The backs are the black and white backs you are used to seeing with Hoops which again isn't that exciting.  Maybe a color team logo, border around something or in the stats?  Ugh.  Maybe I'm being a bit negative.  I'll have to look at what others feel about this set to see if I'm missing something but for now I'm giving it a "shoulder shrug". 

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