Tuesday, January 10, 2017

2016-17 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey Cards

While I'm a casual hockey fan at best I always enjoy picking up hockey cards.  Last year I grabbed a rack pack of the 2016-2017 Upper Deck Series 1 cards that contain 32 cards.  I've always been a huge Upper Deck fan and they do a great job each year.  This year is no different though I wont' say it is my favorite from their recent entries.  The fronts are nice and clean with plenty of room for the photos.  The Upper Deck and team logos as well as the player's name and position are on the front in silver foil. I'm not a foil guy and  I think it would work if it was just the Upper Deck logo but with the name against a solid background here they've helped make it easy to read.  The photos as always stick out to me.  Upper Deck, like Topps, excels in this area.   
The backs are colorful with a cropped version of the front photo and include the player's career stats. I love that.  The Ovechkin card is my favorite and I'd like to think he just scored a goal prior to this picture being taken with the way he looks and the fans cheering in the background.  I like that the cards I received are base card centric.  While subsets are nice (I received one Young Guns card), I'm usually left wanting more of the base cards.  I've also wondered if Upper Deck will one day be able to add retired players to their repertoire.  The price tag to doing something like that may be prohibitive but it is nice how it is just standard with the Topps and Panini offerings nowadays.  Again a nice set.  Good job Upper Deck.   

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