Monday, January 9, 2017

2016 Topps WWE Heritage Wrestling Cards

Second year in a row I picked up a pack of the Topps WWE Heritage cards.  I liked the 2015 Heritage cards and like these as well.  And that is saying something as these cards are modeled after the 1986 Topps baseball cards which are largely forgettable.  It just works for me.  I liked my pull as well with the blend of retired and current wrestlers.  There were 16 cards in the pack to include The Rock and Brock Lesnar tribute cards.  I really enjoyed the Record Breaker, Turn Back the Clock and All-Star cards all in keeping with the 1986 vibe.  The base cards were broken into Superstar and Legend cards.  Definitely a case where Topps took something old, updated it with a different sport and take, and it came out pretty good.  Good on them.  While I don't get to pay as much attention to wrestling as I would like to I do think wrestling fans would enjoy these cards.  I've missed out on the WWE Divas cards a couple of times at my local Wal-Mart but I'm really hoping to snag a box soon and I'll post that as thenn.    

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