Thursday, January 12, 2017

Card Show Find #1: Two 1984 Donruss Rack Packs

I went to a card show last fall but life and the lack of access to a scanner has held me back from posting my finds.  My favorite find was two 1984 Donruss rack packs.  Each held 45 cards and 9 Duke Snyder puzzle cards. 
My favorite pulls involved three of my all-time favorites.  Harold Baines, Bob Horner and Jerry Royster.  Baines is a great hitter from his time but not quite Hall of Fame worthy.  Horner was a typical power hitting third baseman, while Jerry Royster won't be known much outside of Atlanta Braves circles.
If it was up to me I'd buy an old box of this set but the price is prohibitive for me.  So when I was able to snag these I was very happy.  These were a favorite in the eighties and still seem to hold favor with collectors.
 I didn't get the fabled Don Mattingly rookie but I was very happy with the stars I did pull. 
Maybe someday I'll be able to grab the entire box of cards.  That would definitely be fun.  I did pick up a couple of boxes of cards while at the show and I'll be putting up the fun from those soon. 


  1. Very cool purchase! I love, love, love this set. I was fortunate enough to pop a few packs of this stuff back in 1984. 30 years later, I found a partial set (missing 5 cards) at the flea market for $12. Definitely one of my coolest flea market finds.

  2. That is an awesome find. I'd love to find cards like that. I'll keep looking and hopefully will be able to pick up some more of these cards.