Saturday, January 7, 2017

2016 Topps Archives 65th Anniversary Edition Baseball Cards

2016 Topps Archives 65th Anniversary Edition Baseball Cards:  After seeing reviews of these cards I was looking forward to their release.  I grabbed a box, with the help of Santa, which was $24.  There are a total of 16 cards per box with one autograph.  There are 65 total base cards in the set, one for each year of Topps baseball.
My pull:  Tony Fernandez, Omar Vizquel, Billy Williams, Bill Mazeroski, Carl Yastrzemski, Andy Benes, Masahiro Tanaka, Ryan Klesko, Curt Simmons, Willie Mays, Frank Howard, Sandy Alomar, Sandy Alomar Jr., Johnny Bench, Jeff Burroughs, Don Mattingly 
The autograph I received was the Tony Fernandez card.  Not that exciting but an autograph none the less.  The only other special card would be the green back Curt Simmons card numbered 84/150.  My favorite was Yaz but also really liked the Bench, Burroughs, and Alomar cards.
The card stock seems a bit thicker than normal but don't take that for fact.  I really like these cards.  It is nice to see the designs from each year and the retired players.  And it isn't just the design of one year which can be a downer if you didn't like that particular year's design.  I do question some of the players chosen - Ryan Klesko, Andy Benes, Mashiro Tanaka.  There are others that will make you wonder when you look at the set checklist.  Not a huge gripe but it makes you shake your head when I'd have to assume there are bigger names they could have included.  Still I like the cards and while I doubt I'll pick up another box I definitely enjoyed these cards.

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