Sunday, October 1, 2017

2014 Panini Super Bowl XLVIII Collection Football Cards

It is football Sunday and I picked up a few Super Bowl centric sets that I want to share over the course of this month.  All three were pretty cheap online so I didn't need much convincing to pick them up.  I like sets that concentrate on the Super Bowl and all-star games and Panini has done that with some of the recent games.  This is the 2014 Panini Super Bowl XLVIII Collection set.  
Nice enough card with photos of the players against an artsy background and a large NYNJ logo that seemed a bit large and out of place.  The backs gave a quick write-up on the player and a nice Super Bowl logo which might have also been nice on the fronts.  
There are 40 total cards with there being 10 each of the Seahawks, Broncos, Giants, and Jets.  It is annoying that they wasted space on the two New York teams whose stadium hosted the big game.  That is 20 cards that could have gone just about any direction except for that and been a better inclusion.  So while I'm ok with this set I do think there was plenty of room for improvement.  

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