Sunday, October 8, 2017

2014 Panini Super Bowl XLVIII Champions Football Cards

Looking at the 2014 Panini Super Bowl XLVIII Champions Football Cards this week.  These were created after the Super Bowl.  Similar in design to the Super Bowl XLVIII Collection set but these cards focus on the winning Seattle Seahawks and includes cards with photos from the game itself.
 There are 18 cards in this set with some cards using the same fronts from the Super Bowl Collection set.  The backs do have updated write-ups.
  I like this set though a set with just photos from the Super Bowl itself would have been great.  But I won't complain.  This is a nice set and I enjoy these sets that center on the biggest game of the year.  


  1. Nice to see Russell lifting up the Lombardi Trophy. Sure hopes he has the opportunity to do it again.

    1. Hated to see Denver lose but I like Russell Wilson and it was also nice to see a franchise that has never won a Super Bowl take home the biggest prize of all.