Sunday, October 29, 2017

Random Wax: 1983 Donruss Baseball

Game 5 of the World Series tonight and another baseball wax pack.  This 1983 Donruss pack wasn't bad.  It had 15 cards and 1 Ty Cobb puzzle piece.  The Reggie Jackson, Cecil Cooper, and Willie Stargell Diamond King cards are definitely the highlights. There are other solid pulls including Howard Johnson, Lou Whitaker, Tim Foli, and Ron Davis. I like the design and Diamond Kings are a big time plus for me as I love those cards.  More fun.  Enjoy.  


  1. HoJo rookie card! Nice pull. Love that Stargell too.

    1. Stargell is definitely a favorite. I didn't even realize it was Johnson's rookied. Thanks!

    2. Once upon a time... that was a hot commodity ;)