Tuesday, October 17, 2017

2017 Topps Fire Baseball

This is the first time I've seen Topps Fire in baseball so I had to pick up a pack of the 2017 Topps Fire baseball cards.  There were 12 cards in the pack.  They are colorful like their cousins the Topps Fire football cards.  Looks like there  are a few different colors that dominate the base cards to include a yellow that I really can't get into .     
There were 10 base cards and I believe the Adrian Beltre card is a Blue Chip exclusive to the fat packs which is what I purchased.  I almost think the Jackie Robinson is a parallel but I can't figure it out.  It is glossier/shinier than the others but I can't tell what it is. The inserts were a Nolan Ryan moniker card and a Edwin Encarnacion walk off card.  I like the concept of both cards especially the walk off.    
The backs are pretty simplistic with not much going on.  I was happy with my pull grabbing Jose Altuve and Beltre who will both go in my personal collection. 
 Do I like them?  Not near as much as the football cards I've seen from this brand.  These are just ok and I won't be buying any more unless it is singles I run across.  Hopefully this will give others a decent look and they can decide on their own if they want to dive in to the Topps Fire baseball cards.  

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