Tuesday, February 20, 2018

1983 Topps Atlanta Falcons Team Set

Not a bad design on these cards though they won't exactly wow you.  As always you'd love to see some action shots but that wasn't an option here.  Bartkowski (I have his jersey), Andrews and Alfred Jenkins are three of my all-time favorite Falcons and it is always nice see cards of those guys.
This team won it's division in '82 before losing in the first round of the playoffs.  There were some nice players on this Falcons team but I wouldn't say it was dominant.  
Fifteen total cards here counting the team leaders card.  This showed the players and stats from the '82 season shortened by the strike.  A guy like Andrews was hurt by the strike.  His career was cut short by an injury and seven more games could have meant another 700 yards to his total.  Definitely one of those guys we talk about differently if he had stayed healthy.  As is he'll always be loved by Falcons fans.  


  1. Topps was still using too many helmetless photos-it's as if they didnt know they had an NFL license in '83. Which is a bummer because I love those old Falcons lids (I just mentioned them in my latest post)

  2. This is definitely my favorite uniform of my beloved Falcons. Aside from maybe the Bartkowski card it really isn't given justice in this set. It took Topps way too much time to get on board with the action/helmet shots.