Monday, February 19, 2018

2018 NBA All-Star Game

Just a quick blurb about last night's NBA All-Star Game.  As some know I'm a fan of all-star games.  This year the two top vote getters got to choose their teams via a draft of players chosen to the game.  While I definitely prefer having conference vs. conference this wasn't a bad deal.  Some intrigue as you get see some players play with each other when you might never get to otherwise as well as teammates playing against each other.  Also the NBA upped the winnings for players on the winning team to $100K while losers get $25K.  Each team chose a charity to play for and the winning team's charity got $350K while the losing team's received $150K.  The game itself was good especially compared to last years track meet that had nothing resembling defense.  There was real defense this year which while keeping the score down, as one announcer said, also made for better offensive plays as players had to work for baskets.  I'm not saying this was comparable to the NBA playoffs or a regular season game for that matter - it was just an improvement and very watchable basketball.  In the end Team LeBron beat Team Steph with a defensive stand no less on the last play 148-145.  Kudos to the NBA, commissioner Adam Silver, and  the player's union for working together and trying to make the all-star game an enjoyable event again.  

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