Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Random Wax: 2012-2013 Panini Hoops Basketball

I grabbed a discounted pack of the  2012-2013 Hoops basketball cards. There were a total of 44 cards.  I don't have many of these cards but do have the Atlanta Hawks team set.  I do like the cards I pulled here.  The Anthony Davis and All-Star team photo card are my favorite.  I love The Brow and as a fan of all-star games the team photo is right up my alley.  
The card designs are basic but I do like them.  The photos are nice and aside from the large NBA Hoops logo and lack of the team logo I'm good with this low end set.  
The pull also included Kevin Durant, Ray Allen, Boogie, Joe Johnson of my Hawks, a young Jimmy Butler, Blake Griffin and the great Grant Hill.  Coach Doc River was also among these cards.  An ex-Hawk I've always liked Doc Rivers so another good card for me.
Overall good cards.  Especially when I see them discounted I won't hesitate to grab more.  They aren't cards that contain value but if I can keep getting the fun I did out of this pack I'm in.  

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