Wednesday, February 7, 2018

2018 Topps Baseball

The NFL season is over so it is time to look at two jumbo packs of the 2018 Topps baseball cards.  I like the whimsical design on these cards and enjoyed opening both packs.  The second pack was more star packed and included both of the Aaron Judge cards which happened to be back to back.  
As always the calling card here is great photos which we are again treated to.  The designs on the front really don't take away from the pictures at all.  My only negative if I had one would be that it can be difficult to make out the team name at first glance.  This isn't critical as there is a good sized logo to take care of that issue.  
Sometimes sets get stuck getting photos in the same old positions over and over but baseball lends itself to variety and Topps always does a good job of making sure their cards don't look so repetitive.  Emotions and great looking action shots are also a big plus and again Topps likes showing us those as well.
You get the standard rookie cards (RC) and Future Stars/Rated Rookie cards which are fine with me.  Topps Salute cards honor holidays/special tribute days but I for the life of me can't figure out which special day this Lucas Sims card honors.
More inserts including a nice Mike Trout Legends in the Making.  Also got Nelson Cruz 1983 Topps throwback.  That is a design I like so I wouldn't mine pulling more of those.  The Kris Bryant inserts come one to each pack.  I liked this one since it shows a moment from the all-star game festivities.
Combo and Superstar Sensations cards weren't too bad.  The Garrett Richards is a Vintage parallel numbered #/99.  The back has the old school card stock feel as opposed to the newer slick cards.  
This Markakis is a gold parallel #/2018.  Some added graphics make it stand but it wasn't obvious to me what it was until I looked it up.  League Leader cards are always fun and a Judge card just makes it that much better.  There are also team cards as well as World Series Highlights which are always a favorite of mine.  The backs aren't that much different than years past but I still like them. Plenty of stats and info for me.  Again I really enjoyed these and I will definitely pick up more as time goes by.  I'm also looking forward to the Topps Opening Day cards.  

BREAKOUT – 2 Jumbo Packs – 36 Cards Each
72 - Total Cards
8 – RC
7 – League Leaders
3 – Legends in the Making
3 – Team Cards
2 – Combo Cards
2 – Kris Bryant Highlight Cards
1 – Future Stars/Rated Rookie
1 – Vintage Parallel  #/99
1 – 2017 World Series Highlights
1 – Superstar Sensations
1 – 1983 Topps Baseball

1 – Topps Salute
1 - Gold Parallel #/2018


  1. I have to agree that I really like the new Topps cards. It is one of the better flagship sets from Topps in quite awhile. I don't have a favorite of the inserts though, but plan to pursue all the Indians inserts as well as the base too.

    1. The Legends in the Making are my favorites so far with the '83 throwbacks right behind them. Lots to choose from that is for sure. I'll definitely keep picking up some of these and see what else I can grab. Haven't even scratched the surface of Braves and Red Sox offerings.