Saturday, May 12, 2018

2013 Women of Marvel Series 2 Trading Cards

Grabbed a pack of the 2013 Women of Marvel Series 2 cards while in Ohio.  I love non-sports cards but the card shows I get to rarely have much to offer from this genre of cards so I grabbed some different packs which I'll show off one at a time.  I was looking forward to breaking this one but was a bit disappointed.  The designs on the front are a bit dark and if some of the detail seems tough to read in the scan that is because they aren't the easiest to read due to the colors/design.  The art is actually pretty nice.  I will also say the design going up the front left side of the card is nice but doesn't show well here.  
The pack contained five cards which is tough when you're used to the higher amounts that come out of the sports packs.  I of course know Scarlet Witch and Mockingbird but I'm not familiar with the other three.  The face on the Scarlet Witch really reminds me of the actress from the Avengers' movies.  I'm still on the fence about this set but doubt I'll have a chance to grab more.  Still it was fun to see these cards for the first time and maybe I'll run across some singles sometime.