Thursday, May 24, 2018

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trading Cards

Somehow I'd never picked up a pack of the 2017 The Last Jedi trading cards even though they had been staring me in the face forever.  With the Han Solo movie coming out this weekend this is a great time to look at a pack that I picked up last week.  The base cards are OK but it is the Illustrated (left) and Rey Continuity cards that really appeal to me.  The art on the Luke Skywalker card is great.  For these movie sets it really is the inserts that do it for me.  Luckily there are plenty to choose from and I pulled a couple of nice cards. 
     I really like this image with the dark background.  
I'd enjoy more movie scenes on the cards but of course those aren't really an option as Topps doesn't want to spoil anything.  This design is better than some of the past sets and I'm good with it.
You get the normal collection of creatures, characters, droids and ships in this set. Those Praetorian guards are so cool and that card is easily my favorite among the base cards I pulled.  I'll definitely chase some of the different inserts to include the Illustrated and Rey Continuity cards which I like.  I was happy with this pack and while I won't buy more wax the singles will be fun to hunt down.  

16 – Total Cards
2 – Blue Parallel
1 – Illustrated
1 – Blueprints
1 – Rey Continuity

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