Sunday, May 20, 2018

2018 Bowman Value Pack #2

The second of my two 2018 Bowman value packs was quite a bit more exciting to me.  I grabbed a Shohei Ohtani card and another Ronald Acuna (Top 100 insert). Of course it was a Chrome but with Acuna I'll never complain.  Definitely some veteran star power in this pack as well as a Mike Soroka who is sporting a 3.68 ERA through three starts of his Atlanta Braves rookie campaign.  For me this was definitely the better of the two packs which was a nice surprise after the disappointment of pack one.  Not sure I'll purchase more packs or blasters of the Bowman but it has definitely been fun.  I will also look for those Acuna and Ozzie Albies Bowman base cards.  Sometimes the chase is as fun as the catch.  So Bowman is a set I like (sans Chrome) and look forward to seeing what everyone else pulled. 

35 – Total Cards
22 –Bowman
  5 – Camo Parallels
  1– 1st Bowman
  1 – Blue Parallel #/499
13 – Bowman Chrome
  3 – Bowman Scouts’ Top 100
  2 – 1st Bowman
  2 – ROY Favorites
  1 – Bowman Trending
  1 – Bowman Birthdays

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