Sunday, May 13, 2018

2018 Score Football (Happy Mother's Day)

I passed on a pack of 2018 Score football at the card shop in Dayton due to the $12.95 price tag but I'm wishing I had grabbed one.  There are four autos per hobby box so the odds don't seem so bad to hit one.  Of course Score is a huge set and it could be an auto of about anyone in the NFL.  On to this pack.  This is my first in hand look at this year's set.  I'm good with the design though the borders could have been a bit smaller and the first name being such a small font is really annoying in person.  It scans well but they can be tough to read.  Score packs tons of inserts so there were plenty of those to enjoy.  Overall I think I like this set but the pack was disappointing.  Not much star power outside of the inserts.  With this being a 440 card set I guess it can happen.
 Nice photos and I like the design.  Zero quarterback base cards.  I may be making too much of it but seemed a bit odd.
The backs are nice and colorful with the same stats, write-up and repeat photo we are used to from Score.  I think think this is a nice back.
  The Captains inserts are my favorite.  Lots of team color, cool design and I'm digging the font jumping off the card.
That Scorecard is a parallel as is the Red parallel in the center.
I like all three of these inserts.  The designs all pop to me.  
The Scoreboard cards highlight particular games of interest.  I like the concept.  The others here are ok but don't necessarily stand out to me.  Bottom line is I think I like this set.  I'll definitely pick up more and have more chances to help make up my mind.  The inserts in this pack helped make up for what I perceived as a weak base card pull.

40 – Total Cards (2 –Red Parallel)
6 – RC (1 – Red Parallel)
2 – Signal Callers
2 - Scoreboard
2 – Captains
2 – Draft
1 – Sidelines
1 – Fantasy Stars
1 – Scorecard
1 - Celebration


  1. $12.95 for a fat pack of Score? Yikes. Some cool looking cards though.

    1. Yeah the $12.95 was too much for me. But the thought of pulling 1 of the 4 autos in a hobby box definitely has a draw too it. But like I said this set is so big you just never know who you might get a signature of.

  2. I'm not usually impressed with Score inserts these days. Seems like they've flooded the market with cheap stuff as much as Topps has with baseball. That being said... I really like the look of that Signal Callers card. Kudos to Panini for taking the extra time to find a photo of Cousins calling a play at the line.

    1. This is definitely the low end for football but for guys who want to get cards of as many different players as possible this is the way to go. I'm always torn as this is a cheap option for your $5 but as with this pack it may not always be star filled. Nice call on the Cousins photo.