Tuesday, July 31, 2018

2018 Bowman Platinum

Time for some baseball as today teams will make last minute additions and subtractions at the trade deadline. These 2018 Bowman Platinum have been sitting at the local Wal-Mart for some time so I finally took the plunge.  There were 12 cards in this pack that cost $5.99.  That's a tough price point but with it being Bowman I still gave it a shot.  Bottom line is I'm disappointed.  The card design isn't bad but I'm not sure where the bang for your buck is.  For 12 cards I wanted to be wowed a bit more.  I was happy with my pull grabbing a Bryce Harper, some good veterans including "Thor", and some nice young rookies.  I also grabbed a #/250 purple parallel and a Rookie Revelations card but overall these just didn't move the needle for me.  I'll look at adding some singles from this set but I can't see me buying more of these.  Just two much for too little.
The Garcia card is a purple parallel #/250.  Nice card of the Cardinals' young fireballer Jordan Hicks.
The swoosh in the design is to the left of veterans and to the right of the prospects and rookies. While it shouldn't make much of a difference I really like the design of the veteran cards better.  I do like the Rookie Revelations card.  It has a black and white foil'ish vibe going on.  Also happy to add an Atlanta Brave from the pack. 
12 – Total Cards
1 – Purple Parallel #/250
1 – Rookie Revelations

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