Sunday, May 12, 2019

2017 Contenders Football Blaster w/Auto

I guess I'd never ripped any of the 2017 Contenders football before.  That really surprised me so this reduced price blaster is even more of a fun surprise.  I like the Contenders brand cards and this is a set I've picked up singles from and like the design.  To top it off this blaster yielded an autograph of Garett Bolles, an offensive lineman for the Denver Broncos.  Not a big name but the fact you'll get an auto or relic out of these blasters helps make them an easy buy.  The Patrick Mahomes autographs are going for crazy money right now as you'd expect.  This Julio Jones was the highlight for me. 
The ticket number information on the card is the player's weight (section), height as in 6 feet 5 for Wentz and Watt (row) and jersey number (seat).
I really like the look of the MVP contenders inserts.  Definitely a set I may look at tracking down.
 The Rookie of the Year Contenders and Legendary Contenders are good looking inserts.  The backs are fine with a splash of color and subdued duplicate photo of the one on the front.
We have a kicker card!  He is one of the greats of all-time and I'm digging it.

Bolles was named to the All-Rookie team and has started all 32 games his first two seasons in the league.  I'll definitely look for more of these cards. The look has me hooked.

40 – Total Cards
2 – MVP Contenders
1 – Legendary Contenders
1 – Rookie of the Year Contenders
1 – Round Numbers
1 – Rookie Ticket Autograph


  1. Congratulations on pulling an autograph of an actual NFL starter.

  2. I know. You always want the big guys but usually grab some guy that never really played. This guy is a full time starter. I call that a win.

  3. I usually like busy cards, but I think that these might actually have too much going on even for me!

    1. I get how these aren't for everyone. Definitely a unique take. For me they are fun.