Wednesday, May 15, 2019

2018-2019 Panini Threads Basketball

This 2018-2019 Panini Threads basketball pack is my first look at this set.  I have to say I'm very underwhelmed.  I just don't get this set.  Please help me out.  I paid $4.99 for 10 cards so price point is definitely a factor here.  I just don't see anything that justifies the money.  Contenders is a pricey set as well though not as much and maybe because I'm a fan of the Contenders design, and pulled a few autos, I give them a pass.  I do like the design here but again weighing that against the price I can't see it.  I've read the write-ups on the set but still haven't found anything that helps.  I know there is a premium edition of this set but this ain't it - this is retail.
The photos here are good and the design fine.  I do wish positions were on the fronts and the borders do take up too much space here for me.  The front just seems a little cramped.  
Those on either side of Aaron Holiday are Dazzle parallels.  I like the Rookies Association card which is part of the base set.  The Board of Directors inserts give more room to the photo and are nice cards.
The backs are good.  Plenty of color including the photo which is a duplicate of the front.  Bottom line is this will be my last pack of these.  I hope others can appreciate them more but there is just not enough here for me to give them another try.

10 –Total Cards
2 – Dazzle Parallel
2 – Board of Directors
1 – Rookies Association


  1. I'm with you on this one, I don't understand what the appeal of these would be either. Normally I love parallels, but even these one's are kind of boring, definitely not a set for me!

    1. I just wish someone could help me with what I'm missing. There has to be something I'm not getting especially for the price tag on these.