Monday, May 27, 2019

NBA Finals Look - Golden State Warriors @ Toronto Raptors

Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors in the NBA Finals is a good match up to me.  I thought Milwaukee may be a little deeper but Toronto is an excellent defensive team and is as well on offense.  That said they'll play the juggernaut that is the Warriors.  Toronto does have have home court and we aren't sure where Kevin Durant is with his injury.  I love Kawhi Leonard and he's shown he is the beast we thought he was in this year's playoffs.  I'm not putting my money on Toronto yet but I really think they can give Golden State a good series which is all we can ask for.  And if a few breaks go there way maybe Canada sees their first NBA Championship.  I think the key will be the first few games when the Raptor will play at home and the Warriors may or may not have KD.  No matter how seasoned a team is, going down 2-0 in a best of seven is tough.  We just saw the Raptors recover winning four straight over Milwaukee but that isn't the norm.  Nor is Golden State.  They are so talented on offense and defense it is tough to see them losing.  They were down against Portland in game after game but just shook it off to come back in each game.  I'll take the Warriors in six games but would love to see Kawhi and Toronto take home the Championship.      


  1. I've been rooting for Toronto to come out of the east all season, if only because I was hoping that deep run would help convince Kawhi to stay. The east is still such a weak conference, and his presence in Toronto obviously makes for another good team (they're up to 2 1/2 now), now if just a few more big name free agents would head east, we might get a slightly more balanced NBA.

  2. I think the West was a bit overrated this year. They were stacked at the top (GS and probably Hou) but otherwise plenty of those teams probably lose to the best of the East.

  3. I don't really care too much at this point. Although maybe if the Warriors lost, they'd start talking about baseball more on the radio. Actually... I wouldn't mind seeing Kawhi win. I picked up a PSA 10 graded rookie card on the cheap, so it'd be cool to see that card go up if the Raptors win it all.

    1. I love basketball and this has been fun playoffs. I'll root with you for Kawhi victory.