Friday, May 31, 2019

2019 Topps Big League Baseball Hobby Box

I really like this year's Big League Baseball and decided to go all in on a hobby box.  At just under $30 I'm happy I did.  The design with the flag and wood grain make for a really nice design.  Add in plenty of great and fun photos and this is a win.
The Caricature inserts are fun.
Great concept with the Wall Climber inserts.
The Nicknames inserts have the added bonus of the Player's Weekend jerseys.  Some of the photos show the back of the jersey with their nicknames on them.
I think I pulled every Yelich in the set which of course is a good thing.  Love the jersey he is sporting on this Blast Off insert of his.
These are the two numbered cards I pulled - an Artist's Rendition (#/50) and Rainbow Parallel.(#/100).  Parallels are OK but I don't overly excited about them.  Of course if either was a Mike Trout I'd probably be singing a different tune.
I really like the Award Winners subset though a photo of the trophy or the name of the award they were winning on the front of the card would be nice.  I love how the relievers on the Stats Kings cards are showing such emotion in their photos.  Alex Gordon bubble gum photo while sliding - awesomeness.
Some gold parallels and all three are cool photos with the excitement from Stephen Piscotty, the nice throwback Brewers uni, and some fun with the mascot and Ozzie Albies.
I really like the Highlights cards.  They point out cool happenings throughout the season.  The Brock Holt highlight is for him hitting for the first ever post season cyle last year.

I was happy with my pull.  This is a meaty 400 card base set so you won't get every big name but there's also a chance you'll see them in the inserts or subsets.  This was a fun rip thanks to the great photos and design.  I'll show off more cards over the weekend but this should give you a decent showing of the set.

Most have seen this Mookie Betts card in the Big League Baseball promotional material but it really is a good photo. 

240 – Total Cards
24 – Gold
16 – Stat Kings
14 – RC
10 – Highlights
6 – Award Winners
6 – Wall Climbers
6 – Blast Off
6 – Nicknames
6 – Star Caricature Reproduction
1 – Rainbow Foil #/100
1 – Artist Rendition #/50


  1. Nice!I'll be picking up a few packs my next time out.I'm on the hunt for the Pete Alonso,which might also be an SP.Not sure.

    1. I do believe it is a SP. I didn't pull it but I was hoping for one of the SP's. Good luck!

  2. I like the Big League cards for this year, and cannot stop buying packs of them. I actually prefer them to any other Topps issued cards this year. Are you piecing together the set? I am only interested in the Indians of course so I really like the look of the Kluber insert you shared.

    1. I've considered building the set but honestly don't know yet. If not all Indians will be set aside for you. Completely agree this is the Topps set of the year so far.

  3. Good stuff. The only set this year so far that makes me want to go back and buy more packs.

    1. This far and away my favorite. And probably my favorite design in quite a while.