Saturday, May 25, 2019

Random Wax: 2018-2019 Hoops

Andre Iguodala on a "Get Out of the Way" insert seemed appropriate way of starting this 2018-2019 Hoops basketball post.  Golden State is headed to their fifth straight Finals appearance and it'd be hard to bet against them no matter who faces them from the East.  I've busted quite a bit of these cards and the design and inserts keeps me coming back.  
  I pulled a Trail Blazer!  Who is no longer in the playoffs...  Zach Collins doesn't look in his element dribbling the ball that's for sure.  I'm a fan of the Lights Camera Action cards and pulling a LeBron James is nice even if it is in an outdated uni he's wearing.
  My overall pull was OK.  LeBron was definitely the headliner though Wiggins, Beal and Gasol are very good players in their own right.  
Hard to root against a guy like Stephen Adams.  He's from Australia, has the tats and the hair bun.  My first Moritz Wagner (Michigan U.) card.  Whoo hoo!  Fun pack and I wouldn't bet against seeing more some time in the future.

30 – Total Cards
5 – RC
1 – Hoops Tribute
1 – Lights Camera Action
1 – Get Out of the Way
1 – Class of 2018
1 – Teal Explosion Parallel


  1. Now I got Ludacris on my mind...

  2. Zach looks like a dork in that photo... even more so than usual :)

    I really like the Marc Gasol card, it's a nice shot, especially with the Grizzlies blue underneath him.

    1. The Gasol photo did deserve more attention. It is a good shot.