Saturday, October 12, 2013

Braves Lose to Dodgers in Division Series - Red Sox Advance to ALCS

Atlanta failed to advance past the first playoff series once again losing three games to one to the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Neither pitching nor the offense were good enough to get past the Dodgers whom the Braves had handled in the regular season series five games to two.  The offense only scored 14 runs while mustering one home run and 36 total bases over their four playoff games.  Pitching put up a 5.82 ERA, walked 21, while allowing a .280 batting average in 34 innings.  None of those numbers scream we're gonna win!  No matter how it all played out the bottom line is this will be a disappointing season.  Even with all the injuries this team had to play with they won 96 games and should have been able to compete with anyone in the playoffs.  Yes, they didn't get blown out by the Dodgers, but I just never had the feeling they were on the same level.  Maybe that is just the pessimistic fan always thinking the worst but the offense is inconsistent and while the pitching was very good in the regular season, outside of Craig Kimbrel, I didn't feel we could say this pitcher or that was a guy who'd be big come playoff time.  Hopefully the Braves can get healthy and maybe get the offense on track next year but it will still feel like this year was a loss.

Boston on the other hand dealt with Tampa Bay somewhat easily winning their series three games to one.  Boston showed off it's offense and their pitching had a very nice 3.03 ERA.  Boston only hit two homers but their .286 batting average, .390 on base percentage and 26 runs should make all Red Sox fans happy.  The pitchers only gave up 11 walks and allowed a .225 batting average.  I said it before the playoffs and this only enhanced my view - this team is built to win it all.  They have depth in pitching and an offense that no pitcher can rest on.  Detroit may have a better 1-2 punch but I think Boston can start four pitchers who are on par with any team out there.  I, like many, just have a good feeling about this team.  They seem loose and don't get rattled easily.  I'm hoping for eight more wins - sorry Detroit...

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