Friday, June 10, 2016

2016 Topps Archives Baseball Cards

Grabbed a blaster box of the new 2016 Topps Archives baseball cards.  I liked what I had seen of the reviews so I went all in instead of just looking for individual packs.  And I do like these cards.  The 1953 versions are ok and are all head shots which is pretty boring in my book.  I really like the 1979 cards and the 1991 are nice cards as well.  Between the retired players and regular stars it seemed like a great pull.  I can't complain. 
One of my favorite parts of this set is all the retired players.  There were plenty of former players in my pull which really made this a joy for me.  My favorite cards ended up being the Harold Baines, Craig Biggio, Gary Carter and Mike Trout cards. 
One of the big thrills was pulling my first redemption card - a Kyle Schwarber Fan Favorites Autograph.  Can't wait to get it and I'll post it when it comes in.  The Bull Durham card is a nice insert as is the Topps Super.  The father son cards are nice.  My favorite card of the set was the Harold Baines #1 Draft Pick card.  I'm a Baines guy which definitely helps my appreciation for the card.  I also like that White Sox uniform.  So I really like the cards and will definitely pick up more when I get the opportunity. 

Here is a link to a good blog post on this set at the Dime Boxes blog.   

80 Total Cards
74 Base Cards
- 25 1953
- 25 1979
- 24 1991
2 Topps Supers
1 Bull Durham
1 Father Son
1 #1 Draft Pick
1 Fan Favorites Autograph Redemption Card


  1. WHOA! Nice pull with that Kyle Schwarber Fan Favorites auto! That is one hell of a hit from a retail blaster.

  2. Congratulations on pulling the Schwarber redemption card out of a blaster! Definitely beat the odds.

  3. Thanks. I definitely wasn't expecting a pull that nice and it is by far the best relic/auto I've ever gotten.