Saturday, June 11, 2016

2016 Panini Classics Football Trading Cards

Hadn't heard of these before so I picked up two packs of the 2016 Panini Classics football cards.  The base design doesn' tdo much for me.  Too much white and the words at the top of the cards are just annoying.  Not sure the photos really show it but the words (team name, legends, rookies) is duplicated and isn't attractive at all.So the cards are just blah for me.
The pull itself was ok and the retired players were really the highlight.  The don't look any better than the other cards but at least I get some of the retired players to add to my collection.  Inserts were good.  Love the Monday Night Football card and grabbing the Bo Jackson was a nice bonus.  I like records cards so I enjoyed the Willie McGinnest record breaker I pulled. Don't think I'll pick any more of these up but I might grab my guys if I can find singles. 

2 Packs
20 Total Cards
- 18 Base Cards
-- 4 Legends
-- 2 Rookies
1 Monday Night Heroes
1 Record Breakers

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  1. I actually prefer the simple and basic base card design of Panini Classics over all of the other "foil happy" stuff Panini produces.