Sunday, November 26, 2017

1991 Fleer Stars 'n Stripes Football

This is the 1991 Fleer Stars 'n Stripes football set.  Another set I did not know existed until just lately and is the second and last of the Stars 'n Stripes brand.  I really like the design of this set.  Where as the 1990 set was a little tough on the eyes this one has a redesigned small Stars 'n Stripes logo  and smaller borders allowing the subtle designs to look great and not overwhelming.  Nice big photos are also a plus.  They are no cards highlighting the Pro Bowl which is a bit of a disappointment as the 1990 set was centered entirely around the Pro Bowl.  There are 140 cards in this set and it is definitely star heavy.  Rookie cards of players still in their college jerseys are a nice subset though helmet logos are airbrushed out.  The backs are similar to the Fleer football cards of the era and are ones which I enjoy.  It is a great blast from the past as well as a nice looking set.  Always fun to find sets that excite you and that you never knew anything about.  It takes some digging on eBay to find but the set is affordable considering the punch it packs.  This one definitely didn't disappoint.  Happy football day!   

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