Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Random Wax: 2015 Panini Americana

Not only did I get suckered into buying another Dollar Tree pack but I grabbed one of a set that I already know is so-so.  Maybe I keep thinking something will change and be better.  This set isn't a bad concept but is just boring.  Nothing but head shots, or a lot more in the case of Shannon Elizabeth's photo, and a dull gray background with little to no pizzazz. I enjoy cards of pop culture types but this is just boring.  Seems like they could do more with the fronts.  I do like the logo but not sure that counts for much.  I'm OK with the backs.  Not much there but at least there is some color.  My pull wasn't great but you can't go wrong with Al Pacino and well, who would complain about the Elizabeth photo? 


  1. Haven't seen Shannon Elizabeth in years. Glad Panini zoomed out a little.