Tuesday, November 14, 2017

2016-17 Panini Excalibur Basketball Blaster Box

This blaster box of the 2016-2017 Excalibur Basketball cards contained 88 cards (11 packs X 8 cards each).  I like these cards.  They have nice full bleed photos that take up the majority of the front of the cards which aren't cluttered.  I didn't feel like the base cards were star heavy but there were plenty of inserts and parallels that added to the star power.  I don't usually care for die cut cards but the Coat of Arms and Storm the Castle cards were pretty cool.  The set also has retired greats which is always a big plus for me as well.  Overall I'm very happy with the variety this box had to offer and I'll definitely grab more of these cards if I get the chance.  

88 Total Cards – 11 Packs X 8 Cards
7 Retired Greats
10 Crusade (4 Camo)
6 Lord (Base Parallel)
2 Viscount (Base Parallel)
1 Marquis (Base Parallel #/199)
5 Jousting
2 Battlements
3 Run the Gauntlet
1 Squire
2 Coat of Arms (Diecut)
1 Storm the Gauntlet (Diecut)


  1. Solid product. I really like the well cropped photos on the base cards.

  2. I really like this set quite a bit. Unfortunately I couldn't afford a blaster and they are already gone at my local stores now that I could have. I like that this year's set has real photos, not just players superimposed over some computer generated background and that they have photos taken post trade deadline.

    1. Definitely a nice looking set. I got lucky and found this blaster at a Target. I don't get to Targets often but I like to check out their cards when I get the chance. And of course I always walk out with something.