Wednesday, November 8, 2017

2017-18 Panini Contenders Draft Picks Basketball Blaster Box

I've seen some breaks of the 2017-18 Panini Contenders Draft Picks Basketball and the cards appealed to me.  I grabbed a blaster box this week and wow was I glad I did.  There were seven packs of six cards each for a total of 42 cards.  Each blaster box ($19.99) is guaranteed an autograph and this is where I really scored grabbing a Jayson Tatum blue foil parallel auto.  Wow.  I'd love to say I'm keeping it but I put it on eBay last night and it sold five minutes after I posted it - no lie.  Exciting stuff though as that is  a rarity. 
The fronts have the standard ticket feel with a nice photo of the player and the seat (jersey#), row (height), and section (weight) of the player.  I like the look though it was not something I cared for when I first saw this brand a few years back.  The backs have a smaller duplicate of the front photo and a write-up that also works for me.  Overall I'm very happy with the cards. 
There are A, B, and C variations of some cards.  I need to do more research to figure out which is which because they aren't obvious or marked differently.  I did well grabbing two of the LeBron cards.  Both are numbered 36.  

I enjoyed my pull grabbing many stars and legends whom I really like.  While this talks about draft picks it really is not heavy on rookies. I'm OK with that.  I like seeing the star players on this cardboard.  The legacy inserts are pretty cool showing photos of each player in their college and NBA unis.  I also liked the School Colors and Game Day inserts.  Really there were no fails in this box.  Even without the big hit on the autograph I would have been very happy with all these cards. 
42 - Total Cards
6 - Retired Greats
5 - Gameday
4 - School Colors
4 - Legacy
1 - Autograph

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