Monday, January 1, 2018

Manon Rheaume Trading Cards

I don't know if it is cold where you are at, but it is cold here in Southern Illinois so hockey seemed like a good subject on this chilly New Year's day.  Billy Kingsley at Cardboard History, a must read by the way, showed a card of Manon Rheaume not too long ago and it reminded me I had some of her cards so I had to dig them out. Rheaume is the only woman to have played in an NHL game when she played goalie for the Tampa Bay Lightning in a 1992 preseason game.  While Rheaume would play some in the IHL, ECHL, and won a silver medal with the Canadian women's team in the 1998 Olympics, motherhood called and was the priority in life.  I dug out my 13 cards of her cards all coming  from Classic with the exception of a National Sports promotional card.  I believe this card came from a National Sports Collector's Convention and it may have been from the one I attended sometime in the early nineties.  Definitely a cool accomplishment and I enjoyed seeing her make it onto trading cards at a time when they were dominated by men.  Apart from the promo card I have the 1992 Classic Draft Picks #59, #1-7 and #100 of the 1993 Classic Pro Hockey Prospects, #253 from 1993 Classic Four Sport Collection, and 111 and 147 from 1993 Classic Images.  This is a great memory if nothing else and I'm glad I kept these cards.  This is all about fun for me and this trip down memory lane was hoot. 


  1. Thank you for the shout out! Pretty cool collection. I bought one of the few cards of her in Tampa Bay uniform on COMC but have not shipped it yet.

  2. Great Rheaume collection! Always loved that 1992 Classic Draft Picks card of her.