Sunday, March 31, 2019

2017 Topps Bunt Hobby Box Post #1

I also opened a Topps Bunt 2017 hobby box.  I had never opened 2017 Bunt and I do like them but not as much as I do the 2016 offering.  One major change is retired greats are not in the base set and found only in insert sets.  That was a major draw of the 2016 Bunt and a a disappointment here.  That said there are good things to be said about this set including the Perspectives inserts that gave us some nice closeups of players.
  The design is clean and appealing.  A few greats here as well as personal collection guys Paul Goldshmidt and Jose Altuve.
  The 2017 Programs inserts are much better than the 2016 offerings and showcase retired greats as well as current players.  The Infinite designs are pretty cool looking.  That is an Orange Parallel Splatter Art insert numbered/50.  
With a 200 card base set the stars are the main focus of the set.  Ichiro of course just retired after starting two games for the Mariners in their two game series in Japan.  Mike Trout signed an uber contract with the Angels which was great to see.  He deserves every penny...and more.  Aaron Judge and the hated Yankees (editorial license) are expecting even greater things for New York this year.
Blue (1 per pack), black (1 per box) and green parallels (#/99).
While the base design wasn't quite as good as the 2016 Bunt this was a fun break and I really liked the inserts.  Plenty to enjoy here and I'm glad I took the plunge.
252 - Total Cards
36 - Blue Parallel
25 - RC
15 - Programs
13 - Infinite
9 - Perspectives
7 - Retired Greats
1 - Splatter Art
2 - Green Parallel #/99
2 - Orange Parallel #/50
1 - Black (1 per box)


  1. See you and are opposites on the Bunt cards. I liked the 2017 better than the 2016, but that is why collecting is such a personal thing to every collector. Did you happen to get any blue bordered Indians cards? I am trying to complete the Indians team set in the blue.

    1. I'll take a look at what I pulled. There is plenty of diversity in our community on what collectors like. That's what makes it fun..

    2. Thanks. That is one thing I love about collecting is the diversity of what everyone collects.

    3. I didn't have1 Indian. Surprising considering they were1 per pack. I'll keep an eye out though.

  2. Scherzer has his game face on. Although I more of an in-action kind of guy... I do like both of these Perspectives cards.

    1. I'm with you on preferring action but there is definitely room for photos like these in subsets.