Wednesday, March 20, 2019

2019 Topps Opening Day Hobby Box w/Auto Post #1

I picked up a 2019 Topps Opening Day Hobby Box so today seemed like the perfect day to look at these cards.  The Opening Day brand isn't for everyone but it is for me and this is the second year in row in which I've picked up a hobby box.  I like the small checklist, fun inserts and the logo.  This is a great photo of Khris Davis and a good way to kick this off. 
Along with the requisite stars you get a first look of some of the players who changed teams in their new uniforms like this Paul Goldschmidt card.  There are also base photo variations for 30 cards but I did not pull any. 
 These three are cards I didn't pull in my flagship hobby box in February.  That's a great Benintendi photo and I also like the Rizzo shot.
 The younger players are of course a good part of this set and my box delivered on some of the big, if not biggest names of up and coming players.
Some more great photos.  Thor with all that hair is probably always a good picture.  Great leaping catch by Kevin Pillar.  Not sure what happened in this photo but I like the expression on Matt Carpenter's face.
Two of the inserts included Team Traditions and Celebrations as well as Opening Day cards like this one featuring a come from behind win for Atlanta last year in their first game.  That Bobble Head museum is pretty cool.
The 150 Years of Fun inserts highlight different aspects of players being able to enjoy the sport or even how they enjoy time away from the sport.  And who's more fun than David Ortiz?  These inserts were also the source for all the retired greats I pulled.  There were three insert sets, Rally Time!, Sock it to Me!, and Dugout Peeks, that I didn't pull any of.  That's pretty disappointing to think that out of 36 packs I couldn't pull at least one of each.
Two more players I didn't manage to grab in February.  That's a nice Arenado photo as is the Greinke photo.  I will say it seems like we get this same photo angle on a lot of Greinke's cards.

I pulled a Kyle Freeland auto.  He had a great year for the Rockies last year and I was excited to grab his autograph.  I'm happy with my box and pull overall.  Good looking cards and inserts.  I'll post again tomorrow showing off more of the cards.  

252 – Total Cards
18 – 150 Years of Fun
18 – RC
9 - Mascot
8 – Topps All-Star Rookie
6 – Opening Day
3 – Team Traditions & Celebrations
1 – RC and Topps All-Star Rookie
1 – Opening Day Autographs


  1. Congratulations on pulling the Freeland autograph! It was also nice to see you kick off your post with KD. I was pumped to see that he launched his first home run of the year this morning.

    1. Thanks. Definitely a good pull. KD is a masher and I was also happy to see him go long. He's also hit .247 for four years straight. Can he make it five?

  2. I didn't know there was a bobblehead museum. And I love that Big Papi card.

    1. It's cool when we find out those little nuggets. And I agree that is a nice card.