Sunday, March 3, 2019

Random Wax: 2017 Donruss Football Hanger Box

2017 Donruss Football is a go-to for me and this is my 6th post on these cards of which I'm a fan.  This hanger box was in the discount section for $7.99 at my local Wal-Mart so I jumped on it.  This is the second Christian McCaffrey Threads card I've pulled from one of these.  In 2017 I pulled a McCaffrey Rookie Phenom Threads.  It is hard to tell but this is a Red Rookie Threads which is exclusive to the green colored hanger boxes.  I'd love to hit on a Mahomes at some point but he has eluded me so far.
 The hanger boxes don't have quite the value of fat packs (at regular prices) but they contain a ton of variety in the form of inserts and variations.  I'm a big fan of Gridiron Kings and of Dan Fouts but I do think they could have found a better photo for his card.  Not sure about that look on Rogers' face either though it does seem like we've seen it quite a bit lately.
Gurley is always appreciated and will go straight in to my personal collection.
Tom Terrific.  Just saying.  I did grab a few cards that I'd already pulled in packs before but it didn't hurt my feelings any.
Love the retired great on new cardboard.  I also like the throwback uni Kirk Cousins is wearing on his card.
I'll never hesitate when I find these cards discounted especially in the hanger box format.  The variety and nice design keeps bringing me back.
50 - Total Cards
5 - Retired Greats
5 - Red Press Proof Parallels
3 - Rated Rookie
2 - RC
2 - The Elite Series
1 - 1981 Retro
1 - Dominator
1 - The Rookies
1 - Highlights
1 - Salute to Service
1 - Legends of the Fall
1 - All-Time Gridiron Kings
1 - Rookie Gridiron Kings
1 - Red Rookie Threads


  1. Congratulations on pulling that McCaffrey!

    1. Thanks. He is so good. Love watching him play.

  2. That was a really solid box for $7.99!

  3. Those Juju and Rocky Bleir cards are pretty sweet looking!

    1. I like how they did their "shiny" cards to include this JuJu.

  4. Nice McCaffrey relic, and the inserts are cool, too. It's been a while since I've seen a Reggie White Eagles card.

    Aaron Rodgers is my guy and all, but his personality is bordering on bratty at this point.

    1. I like Rogers but he just doesn't seem like a happy guy. Great commercials though.