Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Mike Trout Close to Signing 10-Year $360M Extension

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Mike Trout is reportedly close to signing a 10 year $360M extension.  I for one think he deserves every penny.  For as good as Bryce Harper and Manny Machado are they don't hold a candle to Trout.  He has put up massive numbers over his career.  I'd even say he gave the Angels a hometown discount.  Some are saying he should leave the team - they're no good - but they now have 12 years together to figure it out.  Also Trout doesn't seem like one who seeks out the limelight or drama and I think he is comfortable with the Angels and not looking for change or chasing uncertainty.  I love the idea of Trout spending the entirety of his career with the Angels.  We don't see that enough.  This is great for both he and the Angels.  I think he is the best all-around player I've ever seen in my 40 something years of watching the sport.  And the man can mash the ball.  He's fun to watch and after seeing free agency play out like a Greek tragedy over the winter baseball really needed a good story like this.