Friday, January 3, 2020

2019-2020 Contenders Draft Picks Basketball Blaster with Auto

2019-2020 Contenders Draft Picks:    Had this post sitting there for a while.  I went all in with four blasters of this brand when they came out.  This is the third of that group.  The chase for Zion is real even though he hasn't played a game yet.  Each of these blaster come with an auto.  Mine was Phil Booth, a Villanova alum, who isn't on an NBA team.
James Harden is having a monster year and Anthony Davis is doing great alongside LeBron James in L.A.  Donovan Mitchell is a true force in the league averaging 25 points per game this year.
Inserts are part of this set but you don't get a ton in packs.  I like the legacy cards and I'd like for Cam Reddish to star figuring out his game for the Hawks.
The set size isn't that big so there are always plenty of stars in these packs.  The John Wall is a Draft Ticket Parallel.
My auto which is a draft pick parallel (red).
Lots of star power on these legacy inserts and fun seeing some of these guys in their college unis.  
Nice seeing retired greats like Charles Barkley on new cardboard.

This is my second Zion School Colors card from the blasters.  Nice photo.  Fun blaster.  It didn't disappoint with many of the key players from the league.

42 – Total Cards
7 – Legacy (1 – Duplicate)
7 – School Colors
7 – Game Day Ticket
2 – Draft Ticket Parallels
1 – Draft Red Foil College Ticket Autograph Parallel


  1. These are cool. I don't know much about the set, but over the last year I've bee picking up Syracuse cards from this set to put in a display.

    1. Definitely a great option for picking up players in their college unis.

  2. Cool Zion. I don't really do basketball anymore, but I kinda want to pick up a Zion rookie card just in case he becomes the next big thing.

    1. No reason not to. Everyone thinks he'll be the next big thing so now is the time.