Friday, January 10, 2020

2019-2020 Donruss Basketball

2019-2020 Donruss Basketball:  This is my first pack of Donruss basketball.  I like the design.  It isn't spectacular but solid.  This Giannis where he sports a cool alternate jersey leads us off.  I don't think I'd be down with Milwaukee sporting these every night but still a nice change of pace.
  A solid pull in this pack.  This set is smaller (250) than Hoops (300) but is still good size.  I know positions in the NBA are somewhat fluid nowadays but I'd still like to see them on the fronts of these cards.
Not a bad looking Fantasy Stars insert.  Plenty of color and I'm digging it.  That Montrezl Harrell is a Green Holo parallel.  Miles Bridges seemed like an odd choice for a Franchise Features insert but when you looked at the Hornets' roster before the season it was pretty slim pickings.
The backs stink but Panini doesn't put much, if any, effort into them.  Good pack and good design.  This was fun and I'll pick up more as the season progresses.  Maybe I can find a Zion.

30 - Total Cards
5 - Rated Rookie
1 - Fantasy Stars
1 - Franchise Features
1 - Green Holo Parallel  


  1. Glad to read that the Giannis jersey is an alternate. I was like "what the heck is that?".

    1. It looks like a FIBA jersey.

    2. I had no idea either. They wore it for 18 games in 18-19. Here's the explanation: " The jersey's color scheme draws inspiration from the bold colors of the floor used in the MECCA during the Bucks' two decades of calling the venue home" Who knew? But I'm cool with it as an alternate and glad to see it pays homage to the Bucks' past.

  2. Sweet cards. The ‘Trez Harrell is badass!

    1. That is a crazy cool card. The scan really brought it all out.