Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Steve Bartkowski and Bob Horner Sketch Cards

I've found unique sketch cards on eBay before and will do searches from time to time for players I collect.  Some folks aren't big fans of these but they do offer unique offerings of players who we don't see that much on cardboard anymore.  This was the first time seeing cards from this eBay seller (teambrinkz).  Steve Bartkowski is my all-time favorite football player and this is a pretty good looking card showing off that great Falcons uni.  I do wish the background was a different color or darker. The light blue isn't that great with the Falcons' red, white and black color scheme.  The card stock is thin but the quality is good.  Each of these were numbered 1/25.  I'm definitely happy with this card.
  Bob Horner is my all-time favorite baseball player so here we go.  The blue background works with these Atlanta Braves unis.  My only beef would be that in this shot it looks as though he had just swung through a pitch as opposed to actually hitting the ball.  Horner struck out a lot in his career so that may be exactly what happened here.  It's all good.  I like this card.  Just wanted to share these as we kick off the new year.  


  1. Have you talked about why Bob Horner's your all-time fave here on the blog before? If not, I'd be curious to know why.

    1. I wish I had a good answer. I was 9 when he joined the Braves and something just clicked. He definitely wasn't their best player but had some very good years. I watched the Braves every night on TBS in my formative fandom years and he was that guy. Quite a few Braves from that era are PC guys for me. Maybe it was him coming down out of the press box and suiting up, with a cast on, to be a part of the fray in the big Pascuel Perez-Padres brawl game. (I kid). Great question. Fun going down Bob Horner memory lane.

  2. Very cool sketches. I enjoy picking up a new Bartkowski for my Cal PC every once in awhile. I think I knew you collected him... but not sure I knew he was your all-time favorite football player. He's definitely the guy that comes to mind when I think of 80's Atlanta Falcons.

  3. He, William Andrews, and Alfred Jenkins were my favorites growing up with those teams in my youth. But Bartkowski is the guy. Years ago when I found out Mitchell and Ness made a Bartkowski jersey in that GOAT Falcons uni I grabbed one right away.