Sunday, January 5, 2020

2019 Absolute Football

2019 Absolute Football:  This is definitely a design I like so it's no surprise we see more of these here.  Russell Wilson will play a huge part of his team's success in the playoffs.  I like Seattle but the NFC is so stacked at the top.  I think they can challenge any of those top teams but it is a tough road ahead.
Nice seeing players in their new unis.  That is a sharp pic of Le'Veon Bell.  That Darius Slayton is a Red Prizm Parallel #/100.
That Antonio Brown card looked much better about 4 months ago.  These Gridiron Force inserts highlight retired greats like Steve Atwater.  Keenan Allen had another great year for the Chargers.
Half of this pack were RC cards.  Not a bad thing but my personal preference would be a few more base cards.
Alvin Kamara had a good year but injuries limited him quite a bit.  He seems healthy going into the playoffs and could be a force to be reckoned with.  Fun pack.  It may not be star packed but I still liked my pull.

20 – Total Cards
10 – RC
3 – Green Parallel
1 – Red Zone
1 – Gridiron Force
1 – Red Prizm Parallel #/100


  1. Great looking card of Wilson. Hope he's able to score enough points today to beat the Eagles. Go Hawks!

    1. Seahawks pulled it out but it Seattle fans had to be worried!