Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Random Wax: 2019-2020 Prizm Draft Picks Basketball

2019-2020 Prizm Draft Picks Basketball:  I'm not a big fan of Prizm but after hitting two Zion's on my first try why would I not go back to the well?  This was another good pack though there wasn't a Zion.  This Ja Morant headlines my pull.  Dude is having a great year with Memphis and he's fun to watch.
RJ Barrett is having a good year and I think he can develop into an even better player moving forward.  And the Knicks need all the help they can get.
Rui Hachimura is having a really good rookie year for the Wizards while Cam Reddish was finally getting consistent for my Hawks before the season stopped.
Doubled up on Jarrett Culver in my pull.  He's had a really uneven year for the Timberwolves but is still racking up 9 points per game.  Pretty good players but good luck finding any basketball product right now.  I purchased this one some time back but no more of these.

Tyler Herro has been a great pickup for Miami.  He can shoot the three and gives them 12 points per game.

15 – Total Cards
11 – RC
3 – Crusade
3 – Pink Pulsar Parallels
1 – All-American
1 – Duplicate

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