Sunday, April 12, 2020

Random Wax: 2019 Playoff Football

2019 Playoff Football: This was a great pack with plenty of star power and retired greats.  This was too much fun.  This guy had an amazing MVP season.  I know he flashed some skills in 2018 but I didn't see this coming.  I was a bit  pessimistic when it came to Jackson.  Boy was I wrong. 
Pretty nice quarterback trio including a starter in the Super Bowl.
Speaking of the Super Bowl there is the man himself who led the Kansas City Chiefs to their first ever Super Bowl win.  Gotta love his arm and he seems like a pretty laid back cool guy as well.
Another Super Bowl Champion and stud running back in Saquon Barkley. I'm sure Giants' fans can't wait to see what a full season with Daniel Jones at QB looks like.  And of course hope Jones can improve on last year.

So many retired greats help make this a great pack.  Even fun seeing recent retirees like Peyton Manning on new cardboard.  This really was a fun pack and I know I'll pick up more of these.  I'm chasing all the retired greats from this set and I'm getting close.  That Jim Kelly below is definitely one of my favorites.  Enjoy. 

40 – Total Cards
11 – Retired Greats
6 – RC
3 – Green Parallel
1 – Air Command
1 – Thunder & Lightning


  1. Awesome pack. Anytime you get Bo and Dickerson in the same pack... you know it's a good one.

    1. I couldn't be happier with this pack. And who doesn't love those guys!

  2. So many greats in this pack! Mahomes, Jackson, Rodgers, Manning, Rice.. wow!

    Dickerson and Esiason were two of my favorites as a kid. Really nice cards!

    1. This packed was well, packed with star power and greats from the past. So much fun.

  3. Awesome pack of cards, and I am goung against others and saying my favorite is the Bradshaw.