Sunday, April 26, 2020

Random Wax: 2019 Illusions Football

2019 Illusions Football: Derrick Henry wasn't on the radar of many casual fans before 2019 but man did he make a splash.  In his 4th season he led the league with over 1500 yards rushing and 16 touchdowns.  He averaged 100 yards per game in 15 games on the ground.  Then he literally ran over the New England Patriots and Baltimore Raves to a tune of 182 and 195 yards, respectively, in the playoffs.  He was the key to the Titans making it to the AFC Championship game.
This is a brand I don't remember but it made a comeback last year.  Seems like there was an Upper Deck set with a similar design  years ago but I can't pinpoint it. 
These are some good looking cards.  I was happy with my pull even if I didn't get one of the top quarterbacks.  That looks like and orange parallel and that is exactly what it is.  Thank you Panini for making that easy.
Rookies have a good presence here numbering 7of the 20 cards in the pack. 
Not sure if I'll grab more of these.  I like them but the price point is a big steep.  Still if they are on the shelf these are a fun option.
20 – Total Cards
7 – RC
2 – Orange Parallel


  1. I wonder if Antonio Brown will ever play again. I remember one of my 7th graders who is a huge Raiders fan... hated him so much.

    1. You have to wonder. I'd think someone will take a flier at some point. Can't blame your son any.