Sunday, April 19, 2020

Random Wax: 2019 Score Football

2019 Score Football:  I really like this set so it is no wonder we are back here again.  We'll kick it off with this nice Drew Brees Epix with a photo from when he broke the record for most passing yards.  I like photos that have a meaning behind them as opposed to random plays.  Good job on this one.
Some really good photos for all three of these defensive ends.  
It is still to be determined where Cam Newton will be doing his signal calling this year.  Assuming he's healthy I think he'll be a good pickup for someone.
The Saints thought enough of Taysom Hill to put a first round tender on him.  I'm not sure if he's signed it yet but he is due to make $4.7M this year if he resigns with New Orleans.  I'm not really sure what he can be but New Orleans really likes him.
Score has plenty of inserts in case you get bored with the base design.  I like the Throwbacks inserts and the All-Hands which have some pretty sweet photos.  Another fun pack.  These are hard to find nowadays but I'm always looking for more.  And why not some more Tom Brady...  

40 – Total Cards
7 – RC
3 – Red Parallel
3 – 2019 NFL Draft
2 - Epix
2 – Captains
2 – Signal Callers
1 - Throwbacks
1 - Celebration
1 – All-Hands Team


  1. I was just sorting through cards yesterday and said to myself, Tim why did you not buy more 2019 Score football? I am going to see if I can find some. The JuJu insert is sweet! I also like the Adrian Peterson insert as soon as I did pull one from a pack.

    1. I'm the same way and I've already purchased quite a bit. Glad you pulled the Peterson!

  2. The base card design is fantastic. My only complaint about this product is the excessive number of inserts.

    1. That's just a Score thing. I'd definitely be in favor of more base cards at least for this year's set. Some folks love all the inserts. Everyone has their druthers.

  3. This is a great set! I picked up a couple fat packs at Target but I really wish I'd bought a box.

    I'm wondering where Cam Newton will end up this season. There aren't a lot of teams that need QBs and there will be very few landing spots left after this weekend's draft.

    1. You're right. Time is running out for Newton. It's a shame but someone will pick him up.