Sunday, March 20, 2016

2016 Topps Baseball Opening Day Trading Cards

I enjoy the Topps Opening Day offerings each year.  They are just different enough and the added logo works for me.  This year's Opening Day set is a nice looking set and you can see my review of the standard set here.  There you can find my thoughts on the look as a whole.  As with that review I'm happy with the look and with the different cards.  
As always Topps has plenty of nice photos and a nice back of the card with my favorite aspect each year being that they contain the stats for a player's entire career.  
My favorite card is the Jose Bautista bat flip card.  Awesome photo.  I also like the Striking distance cards which show what milestones players are coming up on.  Would have preferred a different background but I like knowing what to look for in the upcoming season stats wise.  And numbers are everything in baseball.  If you liked the base set grab these cards. They are a bit cheaper and give you some more options for collecting while not straying too far from the base set.  
3 Packs - 24 Cards Per Pack - $2.99 Per Pack (Total of 72 Cards)
52 Base Cards
11 Future Stars
2 Rookie Cards (Trophy)
2 Striking Distance
1 Mascot
1 Superstar Celebrations
1 Heavy Hitters
1 Alternate Reality
1 Opening Day Stars

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