Saturday, March 19, 2016

2015-2016 Donruss Basketball

I loved the Donruss football cards so I was excited to see the NBA offering by Donruss.  For whatever reason I'll say the base set doesn't excite me as much as it did for the NFL cards.  Just can't put my finger on why.  Still I like the set with the inserts standing out for me.  That has made this set worth it for me.  The price point is a bit tough but if you can get past that these are fun cards.   
The fronts have that colorful border with a big Donruss logo in either of the bottom corners.  The players name goes across the bottom front of the card with their position and team name just below that.  A nice looking front with plenty of room for the nice looking player photos.  The backs are colorful with a big team logo, the player's position and number, as well as their stats, personal information and a write-up.  As always I prefer more years worth of stats but otherwise this is a nice card back.
Inserts abound.  The rookies were showcased in the Franchise Futures, Rated Rookies and The Rookies.  As you can see players can be in more than one of the rookie offerings.  The Elite Series and Elite Extra Edition cards are some nice looking cards highlighting stars of the league.  For those loving players of years gone by, and that is me, you'll like the Rebounding Kings and Scoring Kings inserts focus and both players from the present and past.  Again the highlights for me are the inserts but the base cards do have nice photos.   Good job by Panini with their Donruss offering. 

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