Sunday, March 20, 2016

San Antonio Spurs Defeat Golden State Warrior to Keep Home Streak Alive

The Spurs improved their home win streak to 35 games while holding probable MVP Stephen Curry to 14 points.  Golden State was playing without Andrew Bogut and Andre Iguodala.  That isn't said to be an excuse for Golden State.  As much as they go small, Bogut wasn't a huge loss.  Iggy being out hurts but this team is talented enough to beat anyone without him.  Greg Popovich brought Tim Duncan off the bench (he played 8 minutes) matching the small ball Warriors to some degree and also put Kawhi Leonard on Draymond Green defensively to help guard the pick and roll.  It worked.  Golden State didn't look comfortable and if you can get a shooting team off just a bit then you have a chance.  San Antonio played well on defense while Golden State definitely had their chances.  If they hit some open looks this game is much different.  But they didn't hit them all and  looked off their game.  I'm not saying the Spurs are primed to beat the Warriors in the playoffs but it also can't be ignored.  Nor can the fact that Golden State blew out San Antonio earlier in the year.  But San Antonio looks different to me.  Earlier in the season LaMarcus Aldridge didn't seem that comfortable in the offense where now he looks to be wholly integrated.  I so hope there is a seven game Conference Finals game against each other in these team's future.  It would be great.  It was a good game last night and I think they could give us a great series of games. 

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