Sunday, March 20, 2016

2016 Donruss Baseball Cards

Grabbed the 2016 Donruss baseball cards put out by Panini.  This is a fun set and I pulled quite a few stars.  The fronts are similar to the Donruss football and basketball sets.  I like the basic design of the fronts though the lack MLB logos and airbrushing to remove team names and logos is always a downer since Panini doesn't have an MLB license.  The 1982 throwback design is nice.  I do like that look.
The backs are plain with a mostly two color design.  The player's last year of stats and career stats are sandwiched by the player's information on top and a write-up on the bottom.  Does the job but doesn't really excite me too much.  
Plenty of inserts and subsets to look at but I didn't receive any of the retired players which is always favorite cards of mine.  Still there was the mascot card which was a big score by pulling the San Diego Chicken who is my favorite.  I also pulled three different rookie offerings, a Studio card, Masters of the Game Randy Johnson, and Chris Sale Diamond King.  Would have liked to see more color on the Diamond Kings card but I'm sure they are just trying something different.  Overall it is a good set but for me it isn't a great set.  I'll look for the players from the past and Diamond Kings cards but the base cards just don't excite me that much considering there isn't a MLB license in place. 
1 Pack - 30 Cards - $4.99
32 Base Cards
1 Each Masters of the Game, Diamond King, Studio, The Prospects, The Rookies, Rated Rookie, Mascot, 1982 Design

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