Sunday, October 28, 2018

2015 Panini Gridiron Kings Hobby Box

I've wanted to bust a box of the 2015 Gridiron Kings football since I first saw them.  I love this design.  I thought I had put something up on the blog before but it doesn't look like it.  The color, design and "photo art" really appeal to me.  So at the card show last weekend I couldn't pass up this hobby box which had a guaranteed autograph and relic in each box.  My auto was this Paul Hornung All-Time Stat Kings autograph.  I was super excited to pull this great looking card.  While I am by no means a Hornung expert I know he is an all-time great by every measure and not one I see cards for.  
 Again I was a big fan going in and was excited seeing all great looking cards I pulled.  The design really isn't over the top but a cool artsy look.  
  Plenty of star power in these boxes.  I was very happy with my pull.
The inserts were nice keeping with a similar color/photo theme being just enough different to make them a nice change of pace from the base cards.  

Each pack came with framed cards.  Those I pulled were either brown, blue or red.  Not sure if others like these framed cards but they don't do anything for me.  The design is OK I guess but it seems unneeded.  I'm sure others appreciate them more and I'm good with that.
This was my relic.  Nice looking card.  Bottom line is this box was a lot of fun.  Plenty of great cards and stars.  I'm a happy collector.    

96 – 12 Packs X 8 Cards Per
11 – RC (7 – Brown, 3 – Red, 1 – Blue)
10 - Retired Legends
9 – Base Red Frame
5 – Limited Lithos (3 – Brown, 1 – Red, 1 – Blue)
4 – All-Time Stat Kings (3 – Brown, 1 – Red)
2- Base Blue Frame
1 – AKA
1 – Aficionado
1 – Expressionists
1 – New Aesthetic
1 – All-Time Stat Kings Signature #/49
1 – Art Nouveau Jersey


  1. Congrats on the cool autograph! These look a lot better than their baseball counterparts.

    1. Thanks. I think this is the best looking autos I've ever pulled.

  2. Great looking product. Congratulations on the sweet Hornung autograph.

  3. Great autograph!

    Nice to see a football box opened.

    1. I enjoy football cards and wish I had more opportunities to break hobby boxes . I'll keep an eye out for the lesser expensive ones.