Friday, October 5, 2018

2018 Panini Contenders Draft Picks Football Blaster Box

I love these cards.  The Contenders brand across the sports has really grown on me over the years and I'm really digging this set 2018 Contenders Draft Picks football.  Each blaster has two autographs but I pulled one autograph and 150 Panini Rewards Points.  I would have rather had the second auto just to have a shot at a bigger name player.  Still I'll use the points for something and let everyone know what that ended up being.  It is fun seeing greats from my college teams (above) in this format.  
A huge draw for me is the retired legends included in this set.  These are only a few of the many I pulled.  This photo is too Sooner heavy but I am excited about getting this Marcus Dupree card and over the years I've come to like Brian Bosworth.  Interviews/docs have shown he has is just a man who was young once.  Not perfect by any means but still.  And who doesn't like Roger Staubach?!
Plenty of current stars as well.  It is great seeing players in their college unis.  The design this year is similar to last year's pro offering but quite a bit different from the draft picks cards.  The backs are fairly simple but the great colors and full bleed version of the front photo are still nice.  
 Some more great young stars from the league...though in retrospect I have no idea why I put  Foreman in here.   I'm definitely going to grab more of these.  Can't wait to see more of these cards.
 Inserts included Collegiate Connections and a Game Day Ticket.  The aforementioned autograph is tight end DeAndre Goolsby, a Jaguar, he has yet to play a down in the league. 
42 – Total Cards
20 – Retired Greats
2 – Game Day Ticket
1 – School Colors
1 – Old School Colors
1 – Collegiate Connections
1 – College Ticket Autograph
1 – Panini Rewards Points (150)


  1. Seeing Woodson as a Wolverine sure brings back some memories.

    1. That's a big part about what I love about these cards. Seeing them in college unis is too sweet.