Friday, October 26, 2018

2018 Topps Fire Baseball

The 2018 Topps Fire is similar to last years and again didn't wow me like it's football counterpart has in years past.  I think the design behind the players is off putting and doesn't do the photos any justice. I definitely won't be picking more of these up but I'm sure some folks will find these appealing.  This Ichiro was the highlight of my pack.  It is nice seeing more of his cardboard after such an amazing career.  
  This wasn't the greatest pull but a Hall of Famers and a Hall of Famer in waiting is never shabby.  Again this set just doesn't do it for me.  Maybe the player photograhs just get lost in all that crazy color.
I did like pulling a Jose Altuve but these Blue Chip Parallels are just "eh" for me.  

12 – Total Cards
2 – Retired Greats
1 – Fired Up Blue Chip Parallel
1 – Power Producers Blue Chip Parallel
1 – Base Blue Chip Parallel
1 – Unkown Shiny Card


  1. When I first saw Topps Fire back in 2015... I was blown away by the design. But over the years... the flame has definitely died out.